Moving Service

Moving Day

Moving Day - What to Expect

Please be present the day of loading. If you cannot be there, please tell us who will be there and be responsible for making decisions. We will need a contact name and phone number.
It is your responsibility to have everything packed and ready to move. Loose or small items not packaged or boxed may not be moved. Our driver’s responsibility is to load and unload the truck only. We do not do any packing!

Shipper Ready Means:

- All beds disassembled
- Refrigerator’s ice maker disconnected
- Washer and dryer disconnected
- Pictures packed in picture boxes
- All glass shelving packed securely
- Freezer emptied, cleaned and unplugged
- All non-furniture items boxed appropriately and boxes sealed and labeled
- Lamps and lamp shades boxed, sealed and labeled
- Small tools in box (sealed and labeled) or tool box
- Lawn equipment cleaned
- Pool, jacuzzi/hot tub drained, cleaned, disconnected. Turn jacuzzi/hot tub on its side to finish draining
- Please have everything in one location and ready for loading. Do not ask the driver to drive here or there picking up items – he is working on a close schedule.
- Our drivers and their associates are professionals and deserve your respect and consideration. Do not make unreasonable demands of them. If they do act in an unprofessional manner, then we want to know. Contact Kody Hendrickson at 503-850-5315
- We take pride in our equipment and try to keep it clean for all of our customers. Shipments that appear to need fumigation will be loaded only after fumigation has taken place. The driver will notify you if you need to clean excessively dirty furniture before loading it.
- If your goods are in storage, you or a representative MUST be there to verify the condition of your goods before they are loaded or as they are unloaded and insure that everything gets on/off the truck.
- Make final check of every room and storage area. Make sure windows and doors are locked, keys are transferred and lights are out.