Moving Service

Packing Tips

1. Put as many items in boxes as possible.
 - When packing boxes, put in as much as possible. Fill boxes completely, even if packing is needed to fill it up, otherwise the box may collapse when loaded in the truck.
 - Place items of like kind in each box-DO NOT mix books and glassware, etc.
 - Knives and sharp objects need to be packed in a safe container to avoid puncturing a box and possibly damaging furniture or other items.
 - Do not use boxes without tops.
 - Tape top of boxes securely. Box with just flaps folded do not hold. Please check to be sure the bottom of the box is also secure.
 - Pack glass canned food either in their orginial box or wrap them securely with bubble wrap and label the box FRAGILE.
 - Please pack heavy items such as books in smaller boxes, not larger than three (3) cubic feet, such as apple or orange boxes.
 - Dishes should be carefully packed and wrapped individually in paper to prevent breakage.
 - Box ALL small items (small appliances, computer equipment, lamps, lamp shades, etc.) to give them maximum protection and keep them from getting scattered in moving. Suggestion: Stack lamp shades together and put in bottom of wardrobe boxes that have short items hanging in them. Also could put shoes and other small items the same way (not heavy items.) Be sure and mark contents on the outside of the box.
 - Remove all pictures from walls. Pictures need to be packed in picture boxes to ensure safety of glass, frame and picture.
 - As boxes are packed, place them in sections sorted by heavy, light, fragile, books, etc.
 - We are not responsible for damage to contents which are packed in boxes, unless the box itself has been damaged (such as crushed).

2. Be sure to label all items clearly.
 - Label contents in each box clearly so driver will know where to safely place box in the load.
 - BE SURE AND MARK EACH ITEM (Furniture and Boxes) with your name. We often have more than one person's possessions on the truck.
 - Do not mark a box "FRAGILE" unless it is actually filled with easily broken items. This gets confusing and special care may not be taken with those boxes that are fragile.
 - Suggestion: Color-code boxes either with permanent market, colored labels or tape. Assign one color to each room. This makes unloading into the proper rooms much easier.

3. Drawers:
 - Empty contents of drawers, end tables, nightstands, sewing machine cabinets, etc. Leave contents in drawers of large chests and dressers if the content is lightweight. If items in drawers are heavy, please pack in boxes.

4. Liquids:
 - All liquids should be sealed and in unbreakable containers.

5. Outdoor Items:
 - We need all outside furniture and equipment to be cleaned and disinfected (sprayed for insects--i.e. ants, etc) before they can be loaded on the truck. This must be finished at least one week before our arrival. If our truck is inspected by the D.O.T. or state border station and they find anything that is visible or suspicious and it is on their list of "No-No's" we could be denied access to or through that state. This is necessary to keep down transport of unwanted bugs

6. Location:
 - Leave all the furniture in its current location until the driver arrives. The boxes can be relocated to one big room as long as they are accessible and stacked by same or similar sizes.

7. Damage Responsibility:
 - We are not responsible for damage to ANY electrical items, poorly packed items or assembled particle board furniture. Please sign and fax back the Particle Board Waiver

8. Hot Tubs:
 - You are to make arrangements for your hot tub to be loaded and unloaded. Please hire professionals equipped to load large equipment. We cannot ask either the labor arranged by you or us to load the household goods to handle large equipment items. There is too much risk involved in using labor not trained for this purpose.

9. Pianos:
- Please notify the driver if you have a grand piano larger than 6 feet.

10. Power Equipment:
 - Clean grass clippings from lawn mowers. Some states have regulations concerning this and will not allow entry in their states if lawn mowers are not clean. Drain fuel/oil from all lawn equipment.

11. Things we cannot move:
 - We may not transport flammable or explosive materials. These include fireworks, ammunition, gasoline, butane tanks (empty or full), aerosol cans, flammable-cleaning fluids, oil-based paints, etc. It would be best to use them up or give them away before you move.
 - Some states also prohibit the transportation of live plants or flowers. If this applies to you, our driver will refuse to accept live plants. If they are accepted for transport, they are accepted with no guarantee of the condition in which they will arrive at your new home.
 - Do not pack illegal items in your belongings. We are subject to search in route by law enforcement agencies. You are subject to having charges pressed against you as a result of any unlawful materials found in your belongings.
 - Though not illegal, many household fluids become hazardous in the environment of a closed moving van. This may occur through breakage or heat. Therefore, please dispose of these things before loading. If they are transported, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for any damage.
 - Because of possible infestation to our equipment and/or your belongings, we do not haul firewood or any unmilled wood (i.e. cut trees, stumps, etc.)

12. Boats, Canoes, Campers
 - We must be advised of any campers, boats/canoes or any other non-standard household items to be moved. All such items will be moved at the shipper's expense - not at the expense of the paying entity. We may refuse to move any of the above named items.